The 4C’s of Social Media Marketing

For serious entrepreneurs and business owners alike, social media marketing should be all about the 4C’s …

  1. Content
  2. Connections
  3. Conversions
  4. Cash

It starts with knowing your targeted customer profile and how to reach prospective buyers through your social media marketing activities. Rich content will help you get the word out and draw the intended audience to your social media sites, drive additional traffic to your web site, and help you establish key connections that can be converted into cash.

For entrepreneurs and business owners in the growth mode, the focus should be on tapping into the viral marketing capabilities of social media to build a stronger brand presence, cultivate key strategic partnerships, open new markets, launch new products and services, and acquire more customers.

In this broader context, social media marketing should be more about following the money and building profitable relationships on all fronts, and less about how many followers and friends you have on Twitter and Facebook.

To fully capitalize on all aspects of social media to grow your business, you should engage a social media expert. A social media expert can help you design a plan that is right for your business, and then work with you to develop targeted content, programs and offers to reach those new prospective buyers through social media.

Keep in mind, whether its social media or any other media, the 4C’s should be the focal point in reaching the end goals for any business – more customers and more revenue.

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