15 Things You Should Know

15 Things You Should Know is truly Wisdom for Life’s Journey. It is all about life, or more appropriately, it is a reflection of life’s journey.

As you will discover, the book is loaded with great quotes, fun facts, tips, life lessons, and relevant content for the ages. They’re all designed to make you pause, laugh, think, question, and thoughtfully consider where you are today in your journey and the opportunities and challenges that are ahead.

You’ll also find a few I-had-no-idea and what-the-heck moments, as well as lots of random thoughts thrown in for good measure. Just to hold your attention and keep things interesting.

Each chapter is a collection of my own home remedies, suggested actions, and answers to things you need to know that apply in business and to all other areas of life as well. A compilation derived from my personal life experiences, more than 175 articles I have written over the years, and the research conducted on the selected chapter topics.

From the “The Journey” to “The End?,” 15 Things You Should Know will educate, encourage, challenge, and inspire you to continue to change, grow, and accomplish great things throughout your lifetime. And most importantly, to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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GLOBALIZATION: America’s Leadership Challenge Ahead

“Globalization is becoming a business imperative for survival and growth.”

During the past two decades, our world has become much more interconnected and global. As a direct result of expanded international trade, the continued proliferation of the Internet and e-commerce, social media and many other factors, the complexity and challenges associated with navigating in this rapidly evolving global environment presents numerous new opportunities and leadership challenges on all fronts.

Are today’s leaders equipped to manage the complexity and challenges of a rapidly evolving global business environment?

What are the associated leadership challenges we must overcome as members of this rapidly growing global society? You will discover that GLOBALIZATION: America’s Leadership Challenge Ahead addresses many of these challenges, and provides a strong call to action for each of us to take a more active leadership role in shaping our future while leaving a legacy of hope for generations to come.

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POWER OF INSPIRATION: Dare to Be the Best YOU! is a collection of 15 incredible stories of transformation. These 15 incredible individuals let you into areas of their lives to reveal the exact moment of change that moved them from hardship, depression, loss or lostness to a path in their lives that has changed the lives of thousands! POWER OF INSPIRATION is much more than a compilation of incredible life stories. It is a book that will motivate you to live the life that you were meant to live.

Each one of these extraordinary people have had challenges in their lives that would make most people give up. However, each of them refused to quit and pushed on with the help of God, others and a whole lot of perseverance to overcome the challenges and live a life that is nothing short of amazing. The common theme that runs throughout is that each of these amazing folks are living a life of helping others overcome their own challenges.

From the very first page you will find that you cannot put this book down. Captivating and compelling as it will not allow you to be trapped in your own challenging circumstances. The perfect gift for anyone who is facing a challenge in life.

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The Life of a Gentleman

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can certainly form strong opinions about a person from his words, appearance, mannerisms and his actions.

It has been said that success has a dress code of its own. However, a gentleman embodies much more than being well dressed and personal grooming. RL Taylor highlights in The Life of a Gentleman that being a gentleman personifies both a lifestyle and a way of living. Moreover, it personifies how we conduct ourselves and our treatment of others.

The Life of a Gentleman is designed to help men become responsible and respected members of society by showing them in easy to understand language how to live the life of a gentleman.

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