Whose Normal Are You Challenging?

Whose normal are you challenging? Or better yet, what is normal? Interesting questions, let us explore further.

What is normal or the definition of normal that you are living by today?

According to Dictionary.com, normal is defined as, “conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected”. However, the Urban dictionary has a totally different viewpoint. It defines normal as, “a word made up by this corrupt society so they can single out and attack those who are different”.

Legacy of Hope

Be careful with stereotypes, judging others, or attempting to live by someone else’s definition of normal. Remember this, “People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

Tragically, as a nation of people, we have gotten lost. The public trust has been violated to the point to where we now tend to challenge everything – without regard to whether it is good or bad, and as a result little progress is being made to address our nation’s challenges.

If you watched the re-run of an earlier segment on 60-Minutes recently, you heard that Yale researchers have determined we can distinguish between right and wrong; between good and evil, in early infancy. Unfortunately, according to the Yale researchers, we have also formed bias and prejudices as infants as well.

Why is it so hard to just live by the standards of right versus wrong, good versus evil in our daily lives today?

As a society, we have become masters at detection, but we still continue to fall woefully short when it comes to correction. Correction starts from within. If we want things to improve for the better, then we need to work together with a shared sense of purpose. Embracing the common values embodied within each of us from early childhood.

Rather than pushing, pulling and challenging everything, it is high-time that we begin to work toward meaningful solutions to our societal problems together. America’s credo (and ours) for this new normal should be, “We can do better together”. Let’s allow our collective normals to begin to work for us rather than continuing to work against us.

Just saying. What are your thoughts?



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