Life is Like a Jukebox …

JukeboxLife is like a jukebox … let the music play on. And so it goes. Sadly, too often we don’t hear it, or it’s just background noise, because we are so ‘busy being busy’ with our daily routines.

It is not until we are awakened from our sleep walking by one of those life-altering defining moments (i.e. birth, death, illness, marriage, divorce, job change or loss, buying or selling a home, relocating, etc.) that we tune in to life and the world around us. It’s only then that we start to pay attention and hear the music loud and clear. Sound familiar?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Given what my wife has been through these past 3+ months in battling cancer for the 2nd time, after being cancer-free for the past ten years, I’m not sure I subscribe to this notion any longer. Stuff happens, both good and bad, daily as life’s music plays in the background. And in this fast-paced world today, I’m starting to believe that life is a 50%/50% proposition.

Yes, and life is messy too, but what is the alternative? While you consider your response for a moment, recognize that there are four primary phases to self-discovery, relationships and life in general:

  1. Starting
  2. Growing
  3. Repairing
  4. Exiting

A key to fulfillment in each of the phases is learning from those collective experiences in order to become a better you. Get to the really good stuff by peeling off the layers through self-discovery and growth.

“To succeed it’s necessary to accept the world as it is and rise above it.” – Michael Korda

So, what is the formula for success? Here are a few ideas to consider, to help ensure that you are able to overcome adversity and rise above your particular life challenges.

  1. Not only expect, but prepare for the unexpected. That means anticipating the worst and planning for the best outcome in every situation.
  2. Stay alert to life’s changes and embrace them. Find ways to make each new experience, good or bad, a learning and growth opportunity.
  3. Focus on people and not things. Make spending time with the special people in your life each and every day a priority.
  4. Never underestimate your impact on the world around you. Don’t neglect the opportunity to assist someone in finding their own music.

Your life is not defined by the path that you take, but rather by the difference you make. In this respect, life is like a jukebox … let your music be heard.

Enjoy the journey!



P.S. To all our wonderful prayer warriors out there, please continue your prayers for Laura’s complete recovery. Thank you.


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