What’s Your Wild Rabbit?

Five years ago, Hennessy first launched its $70 million award-winning Wild Rabbit advertising campaign about the drive and determination needed to accomplish goals. The commercial featured Boxer, Manny Pacquiao. His Wild Rabbit was to “Fight the fights that really matter”.

More recently, Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit” campaign has featured father and son, Auguste and Jacques Piccard. In 1931, physicist Auguste Piccard became the first man in history to reach the stratosphere (in a pressurized capsule and balloon). Nearly three decades later, in 1960, his son, Jacques, became the first person to reach the deepest part of the ocean. Truly extraordinary accomplishments.

“What’s your Wild Rabbit?”

In your drive to accomplish your goals and achieve success, what is it that you are reaching for? While it may not be to fight the fights that really matter, or to conquer the outer reaches of space or the depths of the oceans, we all have that one BIG THING we are chasing. What is yours? And more importantly, what is your plan to reach it?

My friend, Dean Lindsay, has just released his new book, ‘How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals’ that should help. Big PHAT Goals is designed to provide professionals with the tools and insights needed to meet and exceed their specific goals, and create the environment for success. In addition, my online course ‘Discover YOUR Formula for Success’ can provide you with the framework and additional resources needed to set and achieve your goals in a balanced way. However, in order to see great progress in your pursuit of achievement, more is required.

If you have read some of my previous articles on the topic of goal-setting you know that I have a bias toward action and results. Goal-setting is a total waste of time unless you’re committed to taking action and making the changes necessary to achieve results. In my coaching practice, I have observed a lot of busy professionals who spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and resources “chasing rabbits” with little to show for their efforts.

“We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.” – Earl Nightingale

Don’t fall into this activity trap! Get clarity around your goals, develop a focused plan, then make the changes and do the work required to get there. Manny Pacquiao did not become a world champion boxer, or a congressman, overnight. It took years of hard work, preparation, training and sacrifice for him to get there. Are you willing to make the same sacrifices in order to succeed?

You see, the Wild Rabbit is a metaphor for one’s inner drive to succeed. The term is a universal symbol for the relentless pursuit of achievement for every individual. It is about mastery and going beyond in setting the standards for excellence. To reaching for something bigger in your life, becoming self-actualized and not settling for the status quo.

If you want to achieve mastery in your pursuit of excellence, then do the work and commit to making those changes needed to make your Wild Rabbit a reality. And … “Never Stop. Never Settle”.

Enjoy the journey!



COPYRIGHT @ 2017 John Carroll