Are You Prepared For What Lies Ahead?

The start of a New Year always brings with it a lot of energy and excitement. There are new calendar year business and prosperity plans, New Year’s resolutions, and a renewed level of enthusiasm and anticipation about the prospects for the future.

Generally, the initial wave of excitement about the New Year outlook does not start to die down until the first part of February. Most of the month of January is consumed with after the holidays planning, kick-off meetings and launch activities, the roll out of new staffing and compensation plans, etc. Then reality starts to hit.

At some point, those little voices in your head will start to ask those tough questions. What is really different today from 2011? Are you prepared for what lies ahead?

For the first 4-6 weeks of the new calendar year things (and you) are being pulled along by their own inertia. Then the realization starts to sink in that it’s now time to go to work if you expect to reach your 2012 personal and professional goals. Let’s face it, we all start out the New Year with good intentions of achieving these BIG dreams and goals. However, somewhere along the way those lofty goals and plans can get derailed for a variety of reasons.

Don’t let this happen to you in 2012!

Recognize nothing changes (for the better), unless you put forth the effort required to affect a change. This is true for both personal and professional goals alike. Whether it’s an exercise and weight loss goal, or a business expansion and revenue growth goal you’re pursuing. Success is ultimately determined by these five things; careful planning, attention to the details – i.e. what, when, who, how and why, commitment, focus and execution.

Be sure this New Year is different by being fully prepared for what lies ahead and by making the necessary changes required to reach your goals and achieve success.

Enjoy the journey!



COPYRIGHT © 2012 John Carroll